How do I know if “Energy Healing” is for me?

-If you are feeling overwhelmed or lost

-Stuck in a state of ill health either physically or mentally

-Going through a difficult transition such as adolescence, mid-life crisis, divorce, wedding, selling a house, the loss of a loved one, change of job/career status and/or pregnancy or getting adjusted with a new family member

-Dealing with family, romantic and/or work relationship issues

-Feeling stressed about money, career and/or soul purpose issues

-You’re feeling creatively blocked

-You’re depressed, anxious, worried, have trouble sleeping or get panic attacks

-Saying affirmations an/or thinking positive thoughts haven’t changed anything in your life

-You are at a good place in your life, know and feel that you are ready to ascend to a higher level yet don’t know how to approach let alone how