We will customize a personal health and nutrition program to meet your goals and needs. *

Personal Health & Nutrition Analysis (1hr 15 Mins) ($150.00)
-PERSONAL GOALS are identified and addressed  for achieving a healthier lifestyle and nutrition
-In-depth PERSONAL ANALYSIS included as detailed on the Client Health History form
-PERSONAL HEALTH ISSUES are addressed (with herbs, clean nutrition and healthy lifestyle)
-Acid/Alkaline ph Diet included basic overview for achieving an Alkaline Diet – 
-Includes overview of the Emotional connection to food & review of personal Emotional imbalances
-1 Wellness Topic will be addressed from the Wellness Features  (see link for choices)
-Handouts on every topic included – includes 12-15 minute pre-session consultation  (via email, phone or skype)
-Client follow up session notes included outlining all recommendations for implementing change
-2 week follow-up email support to answer any outstanding Client questions
Acid/Alkaline pH Diet General Nutrition Overview (1 hr) ($125.00)
-Detailed Overview (including food lists) for achieving an Acid / Alkaline pH Diet addressed and included
-Emotional connection to food & review of personal Emotional imbalances included
-2 week follow-up email support to answer any outstanding Client questions
Follow-up Wellness Sessions ($95.00)
-Client can select a “Wellness Feature Session” of his/her choice
-Handouts on chosen topic included
-client follow up session notes outlining all recommendations for implementing change included

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