We offer a variety of training to help you improve all aspects of your well being.

Wellness Features Training: choose as an individual session, part of a follow-up or 6 week Healthier You Wellness Program. Each session is 1 hr via phone/skype $125

Wellness Features Package - 5 Sessions ($575.00)
-5 sessions: via Skype/phone 50mins each session, weekly.
-$50 savings off of $625
-Only $115 per session.
Wellness Features Package -10 Sessions ($1100.00)
-10 sessions: via Skype/phone 50 mins each, weekly 1100.
-$150 savings off of $1250
-Only $110 per session
Alkaline Diet ($125.00)
understanding acid/alkaline pH balanced diet
-few healthy food swaps
-food combinations
-sample meals
Paleo Diet ($125.00)
-understanding of a paleo diet
-food combinations
-sample meals
All about Carbs ($125.00)
-identifying different carbohydrates
-how they are processed in the body
Proteins including Dairy ($125.00)
-identifying different proteins
-how the body processes them
-protein sources
Vegetarian vs Vegan vs RAW ($125.00)
-identifying the different lifestyles
-sample meals
Juicing and Detoxing ($125.00)
-Juicing vs Detoxing
Cravings and food addictions ($125.00)
Fats and Oils ($125.00)
-identifying different fats and oils
-cholesterol and different types
Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals ($125.00)
-identifying different necessary vitamins and minerals for the body
-recommended daily values
Stress and Grounding ($125.00)
-identifying stress
-identifying stress sources
Mindful Eating ($125.00)
-Being in the moment
-using the senses
Stimulants and over the counter medication ($125.00)
-affects on our mood
The Organs and Emotions ($125.00)
Chakra Cleansing and Balancing ($125.00)
Reiki/AC Bars Rejuvenation Energy Healing ($125.00)
EFT for Addiction/Habits/Fears ($125.00)
Digestion Issues ($125.00)
-Leaky Gut
Colds and Flus ($125.00)
Skin Issues ($125.00)
Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome ($125.00)
Food Allergies ($125.00)
Especially for the Female Body ($125.00)
Just for Men ($125.00)
-How your body changes in its different stages
-What are the different stages
-Can the different stages be reversed
Pregnancy, Nutrition and lifestyle ($125.00)
Foods and Our Moods ($125.00)
At Home Cooking Class ($125.00)
Choose one
-alkaline style
-raw style
thyroid: It's not You, it's your Thyroid ($125.00)
-How that Butterfly gland affects you
-Identifying the physical changes

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